Learn Muscle Building Techniques by Subscribing to the Adonis Golden Ratio Program

Let’s face it. You want to build muscle not just to stay fit but also to look good. Men are naturally vain; and the Adonis Golden Ratio program is designed to help you achieve a body that’s attractive to women. It reveals muscle building techniques aside from telling you which foods you should eat and which ones to avoid.

Muscle Building Techniques

As the name suggests, the Adonis Golden Ratio program is intended to help men achieve the perfect physique. This pertains to the body shape that is most attractive to women. It also aims to give you the right body proportion between the shoulders and the waistline.

The program is designed by fitness experts Kyle Leon and John Barban. When you subscribe to the program for a fee of $47, you’ll get a customized workout and nutritional plan.

The program runs for 12 weeks, and the exercises and foods you’ll eat would vary as your body undergoes certain changes.

Adonis Measurements

The program introduces the Adonis measurements, or how to determine the right body type for you depending on your age, weight, and height. It then teaches you how to set fitness goals so you can achieve your desired Adonis Golden Ratio.

Once you have identified your Adonis Golden Ratio, you’ll be able to determine where you fit in the three categories specified by the program. The first is the burn category, which focuses on burning fats and helping overweight people shed unwanted pounds and get into a healthier shape.

There’s also the build and burn category which is intended for guys who want to eliminate pounds of fat. In this category, the focus is to build more lean muscles and burn off fats.

Then there’s the build program which focuses on building muscle mass and promotes a high-calorie diet.

Depending on the category you belong to, the program offers different workout plans that you have to follow. The workout plans consist of the standard workout names, repetitions, and load charts that most bodybuilding programs have.

There are 78 video tutorials that would teach you how to properly do an exercise, aside from fitness tips and tricks that you’ll find very handy.

Supplementary Information

The program also features a dietary component, wherein the software will customize and automate your meal plans. This component would assure you that your body gets the needed nutrients, so that you can build a physique that would be the envy of other men.

There is also information on supplements.  Although there are studies indicating that the use of protein supplements can enhance muscle building, the Adonis Golden Ratio does not strictly recommend the use of such supplements. You could, however, get information on supplements like whey protein and where to get them at a low price.

The Adonis Golden Ratio training program is a legitimate bodybuilding system that you ought to try. You can learn many muscle building techniques from the program, and pick the right foods to support your fitness goals.