How the Adonis Golden Ratio Program Works

The Adonis Golden Ratio program could be what you’ve been looking for after years of sweating it out in the gym and still not getting the results you want. You might have felt frustrated that all the hard work you’ve done through the years has only resulted in vain.Adonis Golden Ratio

Or perhaps the muscles in your shoulders are too prominent or you’ve failed to trim down a few inches from your waistline. The Golden Ratio program can address these issues, and more.

As the name implies, the AGR program helps men achieve their ideal body proportion.  Adonis, after all, is the Greek god of infertility and has long been thought of as having the perfect body—wide shoulders, lean waistline, and ripped abs.

The system determines the ideal body shape of a man depending on his height, weight, and age. It then customizes the workout and nutrition program of the man looking to achieve an Adonis -like body.

The system follows a three-step program.

Customized Nutrition

The system will customize the diet of the participant depending on his height, age, weight, activity level, and body measurements.  Suppose that you take part in this program, and then expect that the food you take will be carefully screened to ensure that you get the right nutrients based on your body type.

There is proprietary software that will be used to generate nutritional recommendation and guidelines on a weekly basis. After all, your body should change as you go along with the program. The software will ensure that you would only eat the right type of foods that would help you achieve the best shape possible for your body.

Customized Workout

You know how important it is to work out, and the system does recognize that. The system does make use of software this time for a whole body workout program.  Like the nutritional software, the workout software will prepare workouts on a regular basis (monthly).

There are also instructional videos that will guide you on how to properly execute an exercise, as well as to tell you which of the muscle groups are being targeted by a specific workout.

Mobile App

The last of the programs included in the system is the mobile app and tracking support.  This mobile app gives you access to nutritional and workout program, as well. The beauty of the app is that it allows you to get the information you need anytime, anywhere—as long as you have a mobile phone and Internet connection.

The AGR program has a 60-day money back guarantee. Thus in case you are not impressed with the results of the program, you’ll get a full refund, without any questions asked.

With the Adonis Golden Ratio system, you may well be on your way to building the kind of body that only a few bodybuilders have achieved. Plus, you also get the right kind of workout and all the nutrients that your body needs.